The Flu Vaccine:
Expanding a Failure

This year, aggressive flu vaccine sales tactics are targeting 100 million customers in the USA, up from last years 80 million doses. The use of flu vaccine is still controversial 60 years after its introduction.

Medical theorists disagree on whether flu vaccines protect from the flu or the opposite, actually cause diseases. Deaths associated with the flu continue to rise parallel with increased flu vaccine usage. No large population studies prove the flu vaccine to have any protective value.

Every year, 80 to 90 percent of the population is naturally immune to all forms of Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI's). Due to the fact that only 10 to 15 percent of these ILI's are actually flu, Natural immunity protects 96 to 98 people out of every hundred from the flu.

An increasing number of people are concluding that the body is self-protecting and self-healing and that artificial immunization is ineffective and harmful. Known adverse effects of the flu vaccine include flu-like symptoms, joint and muscle pain (sometimes lasting for years), severe allergic reactions and occasional death.

Natural immunity to all contagious diseases is promoted by lifestyle practices which increase digestive ability and elimination.

Many religious prohibitions against blood pollution exist for both health and spiritual reasons. Scientists are awakening to the fact that vaccination has it roots in the pre-scientific age and no adequate scientific tests prove vaccine safety and effectiveness.

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