Childhood Vaccinations: Questions All Parents Should Ask

NEW Expanded and most recent Edition
Addresses topics none of the other vaccination books cover!

This updated edition, written by Tedd Koren, D.C., is chock full of the latest information on the vaccination controversy – which continues to mushroom – and now includes more material on what really caused polio plus a whole section on autism and junk science from medical journals. Irrefutable information that cannot be denied. You’ll want the exclusive updates contained in this up-to-the-minute book.

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Book Review / Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should Ask
by Tedd Koren, D.C.

Shot or no shot? Don't even think of vaccinating a child before reading this book!

For parents, patients and doctors. This newest edition, written by Tedd Koren, D.C., is full of the latest information on the vaccination controversy. Dr. Koren asks, and answers, the critical questions that need to be raised when making vaccination decisions. The information in this book will help readers make one of the most important healthcare decisions that a parent can make.

Although this is our latest product we now carry, I initially purchased the first edition due to the cover of the book which is the same as Tedd Koren's provocative poster featuring a shockingly stark picture of a bullet with the statement above the bullet reading, "Would you shoot your child with this?" and below the bullet, "Then why would you shoot them with this...." followed by a list of noxious ingredients that slowly fade out.The newest edition has a less provocative cover and is updated with the recent information. The Koren posters are available in 50 sheet format.

Tedd presents his material in a question and answer format that makes it so amazingly EASY for parents to grasp. In fact, he goes a step further and encourages parents to pose these same questions to their pediatricians, now that they know the answers, and find out what is their response.

What parents usually discover is that their pediatricians are no more than vaccine sales people (glorified drug pushers) who actually know very little about their products. Once parents are armed with this knowledge, it is much easier for them to say "no" and seek healthcare elsewhere. So what are these questions that parents need to know the answers to? They are as follows, and answered with clear citations in each case.

Tedd Koren has been a true champion of health freedom and is a well-respected author of chiropractic literature and truthful vaccine information. He has also developed his own chiropractic technique, KST - Koren Specific Technique, and travels around the country teaching other chiropractors how effective this adjustment technique truly is and how it can benefit their patients.

You can visit his website at for an amazing selection of vaccine and health-related products. Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should Ask is 126 pages, price: $20 + $5 Shipping and handling from VacLib (Full members receive a 20% discount on this product.)

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