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How to Legally Avoid School Vaccinations & Immunizations

Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 20:43:26 -0700

How to Legally Avoid School Vaccinations and Immunizations

How to Legally Avoid School Immunizations

There are many serious health risks associated with any immunization, especially those given to infants and young children. These dangers are well documented at numerous other web sites of which one of the best is the National Vaccine Information Center.

The purpose of this site is to identify what the law actually requires regarding school immunizations.

Some states require that parents belong to a religion that has a written tenet opposing vaccination (several state high courts have found this requirement unconstitutional). Some 16 states provide for philosophical or "personal belief" exemption, but most parents are unaware of these exemptions and fewer than 1 percent in most states exercise them.

Protect your child. Invest in knowledge.

Vaccine related injuries have been know for decades, but not told to the general public by the medical profession. Crippling injuries due to live polio vaccinations are well documented in lawsuits. This tiny girl, Mariam Fadayel was critically injured due to a polio vaccination given in 1997. Federal guidelines have required doctors disclose the potential risks of vaccines to parents but parents Victor and Amal Fadayel of Daly City, California, said they never got any warning.

A settlement from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program will pay Mariam Fadayel $1 million now and $350,000 annually for the rest of her life. The money is expected to help offset Mariam's soaring medical bills and 24-hour nursing, which cost about $3 million in the first two years of her life....

Photo and details by the San Jose Mercury News

In 1986, Congress officially acknowledged the reality of vaccine-caused injuries and death by creating and passing The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Public Law 99-660). The safety reform portion of this law requires doctors to provide parents with information about the benefits and risks of childhood vaccines prior to vaccination, and to report vaccine reactions to federal health officials.

Demand to be fully informed as to the possible side effects. Ask to see the manufacture's warning label. As a parent, you may decide against vaccinating your child. This is your legal right.


School officials often resort to "scare tactics" to intimidate parents into submission. How many time have you heard "Children won't be permitted in school without being fully immunized." School administrators are only referring to part of the law and never seem to mention the exemptions. Most likely they've never heard of exemptions.

Basically, to get an exemption, simply write your local school official and tell them is is against your religious belief to have your children vaccinated, as allowed for by law and (optionally) cite the particular section of the law. You need not explain your religious belief or go into any details. Describing you religious beliefs isn't required by law.

Usually, the local school administrator may have never heard of an exemption letter and you might have to provide a copy of the appropriate section of the State law to educate them.

Although some may not share your belief, under Federal Laws, "religious practices" is defined by law to include moral or ethical beliefs about what is right and wrong that are sincerely held with the strength of traditional views. - 29 C.F.R. A71605.1

If anyone tries to pry, say surely you're not discriminating against my family based on my religion, are you? That's a major Federal Civil Rights violation.

Examine and read the laws of your State at what they actually say about exemptions. They are pretty much similar to this - Immunization of a person shall not be required for admission to a school .. if the parent files a letter or affidavit stating that the immunization is contrary to his or her beliefs.

Courage is Contagious

This web site is solely the author's opinion. No medical or legal advice is intended. No recommendations or endorsements of any person or organization is made. This information has been made possible by the freedom of the First Amendment to the Constitution.


Quoting, TORTS by Prosser, Wade and Schwartz, 9th edition;

"In Berkovitz v. United States, 486 USC 531 (1988), plaintiff was a child who was left paralyzed and unable to breathe without a respirator when he contracted polio from a dose of oral polio vaccine. His parents filed suit against the manufacturer of the vaccine and against the United States (through the office of Biologics of the Food and Drug Administration) had wrongfully licensed the manufacturer to produce the vaccine and had wrongfully approved the release of the particular lot that had injured the plaintiff.

The United States moved to dismiss, invoking the discretionary function exception [to the Federal Tort Claims Act] and arguing that it applied to all regulatory activities. Justice Marshall delivered the unanimous opinion of the Court, holding that the discretionary function exception applied to only those activities that involve an element of judgment or choice and that are based on public policy considerations. Because plaintiff had alleged that the FDA had knowingly released that lot to the public without testing it for compliance with safety standards, there was no discretion involved and the United States would be liable if plaintiff could prove his allegations. Justice Marshall noted that the FDA could have adopted a policy of testing only some batches and that decision would not be reviewable. Having made the decision to test all batches, however, the FDA had no discretion no to test each batch."


An extremely knowledgeable medical resource is Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Dr. Horowitz has repeately told the FDA and various drug companies about the various biological contaminants in various vaccines, but no action has been taken to remove impurities. Some of these impurities consist of active viruses.

SIDS is reported to be delayed vaccine induced injury. In Japan, children are not vaccinated until 6 years of age and SIDS is almost unheard of there. Why vaccinate every child 6 hours after birth?

If you haven't seen Dr. Horowitz's books or video tape, please get them. Protect your child. Invest in knowledge.


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Note: several other places on the web offer a download of this book.


Assistance with legal problems with exemptions in North Carolina. [also other states]
Alan G. Phillips, Attorney at Law:
Author of the internationally published "Dispelling Vaccination Myths," which reveals 10 of the most commonly held beliefs about vaccines, and the authoritative facts contradicting those beliefs. Alan has a strong focus and background on vaccine religious exemptions and your rights to claim an exemption to immunizations under state law and the federal Constitution's First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Alan provides private consultations at a rate lower than most other attorneys anywhere in the country (in any area of practice), and has a sliding scale for low-income people and families.

Alan G. Phillips, Esq.
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